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How to Take Meeting Notes Effectively

If you’re looking to take notes in a professional manner it is essential to capture and organize content in a way that’s useful after the fact. A set of https://boardroomschool.com/smart-solutions-with-online-data-room-providers/ well-written notes from meetings can help you remember past decisions and also what was discussed in future meetings.

If you’re making notes on paper or using an online meeting note tool there are some best practices to follow when taking effective notes. 1. Know what is important to note.

You will not be distracted by other thoughts if make time to think about what’s important prior entering a meeting. This can also help you better understand the reason behind a particular discussion is to help you make informed choices regarding how to approach it later on.

2. If you are able to write in hand.

Research suggests that note-taking with analog devices have a better conceptual understanding than those who take digital notes. If you’re able to keep a notebook on hand, you might want to test the Cornell note-taking system that divides notes into two columns: a left and a right. The left column highlights the most important ideas from the conference and the right column drills down on details and takesaways.

It is also possible to ask participants to discuss their ideas during the meeting. This makes everyone feel like they have a voice and can contribute to the discussion. After a meeting, be sure to write clear actions items and who is accountable for them.

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